Fix issue #109 by @importing CSS as data URIs when printing. #114

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mkantor commented Oct 17, 2012

In IE9 swap out prefixed CSS for imported data URIs onbeforeprint and restore the regular prefixed CSS onafterprint in order to work around a bug where @media screen styles were being applied to print media.

Some tests are available here. Compare this to the same tests run with a version of -prefix-free without the changes from this pull request (print the pages with IE9 and compare the results).

mkantor added some commits Oct 12, 2012

@mkantor mkantor Fix #109: in IE9 swap CSS out with data URI @imports before printing.
- Add a data-prefixed attribute to keep track of which styles were
  changed by -prefix-free.
- Make sure data URIs use the same charset as the document.
- Update the minified version as well.
@mkantor mkantor Clean up CSS afterprint.
This fixes a few bugs that could occur when there were data URIs
and/or @imports in the original CSS (styles would be borked after
returning to the screen view). It also helps ensure that DOM
inspection is as WTF-less as possible.

A new `data-importeddatauri` attribute is used to keep track of CSS
state and the prefixed "raw" (unimported) CSS is stored in a property
named `beforeBeforePrintTextContent` on the HTMLStyleElement objects

mkantor commented Oct 17, 2012

To get GitHub to do its fancy cross-reference thing: this fixes #109.

mkantor commented Feb 22, 2013

@leaverou I realize you're very busy and that I submitted this pull request ages ago, but is there anything I can do to help get this reviewed? I'd even be satisfied if the answer is "now that IE10 exists forget about this bug".

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