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indexOf returns -1 on not found value, not 0, thus it has to be explicitely compared to it in determining whether to apply a prefix.

It seems this method isn't used anywhere but if it stays it should probably be fixed. :)

P.S. Sorry for closing the previous pull request, I suck at using GitHub, apparently.

@mgol mgol closed this Mar 26, 2013

Hi there,

Sorry I hadn’t replied yet, looks like I missed this pull request. Why did you close it? I can’t see any commits in it, are there any?


I stupidly commited my change to the main gh-pages branch which makes it hard to keep track of the upstream repo so I had to revert it (contributing to jQuery has tought me the proper github pull request work flow, thankfully, though).

If I understand it correctly, there's a mistake in line 235: you should prepend self.prefix if is equal to -1, not if it's truthy. However, I don't see anything actually using this method so maybe it can be removed as well. But maybe you just wanted to expose it as part of API.

I guess there's no need for a new pull request - it's a cosmetic change so you can do it yourself if my remarks were right. :)

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