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This is the repo for the ACM UIST 2017 website. Feel free to send pull requests for any corrections!


To setup the build tools:

  • First, install Node and npm if you don't already have it
  • cd to the website folder and run npm install

After that, run gulp watch before you make any edits, and it will automatically generate any files needed.

If this seems like too much hassle don't worry, just make a pull request with your edits and I will run gulp on them myself.

Editing the HTML

Only edit the *.html files in the templates/ folder, or *.tpl.html files. Any other *.html files are generated by the build process and your edits will be lost next time gulp runs!

How to make a correction via the Github website

Navigate to the *.tpl.html file you need to edit via the Github file manager above. Click on the file to open it, then click the pencil icon on the top right ("Fork this project and edit this file"). Once you make your changes, scroll to the bottom, write a short description of the changes you made and click "Propose file change".

How to add a new page

Create a folder with the name of the path you want for your page (e.g. for the folder name is cfp). Inside it, put an index.tpl.html page and copy the head and foot @@includes from any of the other pages. Once you save (and assuming you've followed the instructions in the first section and are running gulp watch), an index.html file will be created in the same location as the index.tpl.html file.

Editing the CSS

We use SCSS to preprocess CSS. Please only edit *.scss files, NOT the *.css files because they are generated and your edits will be lost next time gulp runs.