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Using the tool

The simplest way to contribute is to actually use the tool and report found issues or suggested improvements here.

Writing user manual

A series of screenshots showing how to register/login and create a map would be welcome.

Hosting your own instance

The tool can be run behind your paywall, and supports a number of authentication mechanisms. Field testers are more than welcome.

Code improvements

There is a number of things that you could do, at any time:

  • Selenium tests - it would be good to have some kind of scenario verification that could test a number of steps pretending to be a real user.
  • React tests - UI layer needs to get proper tests, too. Any coverage is good for start.
  • Model tests - currently, only API is tested. It would be good to have tests covering model directly.
  • Code improvements. Refactorings. etc.
  • npm distribution package
  • docker distribution package