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Make geometries editable in Leaflet.

This is not a plug and play UI, and will not be. This is a minimal, lightweight, and fully extendable API to control editing of geometries. So you can easily build your own UI with your own needs and choices.

See the demo UI, an more examples below. This is also the drawing engine behind uMap.

Design keys:

  • only the core needs
  • no UI, instead hooks everywhere needed
  • everything programmatically controllable
  • MultiPolygon/MultiPolyline support
  • Polygons' holes support
  • touch support
  • tests


You need Leaflet >= 1.0.0, and then include src/Leaflet.Editable.js.

Path dragging

If you want path dragging, you need to also include Path.Drag.js.

Quick start

Allow Leaflet.Editable in the map options:

var map ='map', {editable: true});

Then, to start editing an existing feature, call the enableEdit method on it:

var polyline = L.polyline([[43.1, 1.2], [43.2, 1.3],[43.3, 1.2]]).addTo(map);

If you want to draw a new line:

map.editTools.startPolyline();  // map.editTools has been created
                                // by passing editable: true option to the map

If you want to continue an existing line:

// or



See the reference


Leaflet.Editable is released under the WTFPL licence.

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