Add "selectedPathOptions" in DeleteHandlerOptions. #119

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Is it possible to add selectedPathOptions for DeleteHandlerOptions or at least fire some events, like "edit:onDeleteStart" , "edit:onDeleteEnd" ?


jacobtoye commented Apr 3, 2013

Could you expand a bit on what you mean? Do you mean you would like all layers in the FeatureGroup to get a particular style when you enter delete mode? Currently the styles do not change when you switch to delete. I'm not convinced that it is useful to do so.

Firing start and end events seems to be a separate issue. What do you wish to achieve by exposing these events?

Hello! Thanks for answering.

  1. Yes. You are right. All layers in a feature group get a particular style when enter delete mode.
    In my project I got number of lines that normally transparent and they help me in creating another line that colored. Transparent lines in edit feature group. So when I delete transparent line another line must be deleted too and that is why I need this feature.

  2. If first point will be done, i don't need this :)

Also I got another question : is it possible to set group of FeatureGroup elements as value of "featureGroup" field in edit toolbar, so it be possible to edit and delete features from different featureGrops in one edit toolbar ?

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ddproxy commented Mar 8, 2016

@inkognito13 Did you get your issue resolved (close this issue?)

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