Add rotate support #120

vladimir-shmidt opened this Issue Apr 3, 2013 · 7 comments


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It would be great to add support of rotating poligons while editting

saamalik commented Sep 3, 2013

I second this. This would be awesome.


I too agree this functionality would be EXTREMELY useful and awesome.

kidig commented Sep 30, 2014


kounips commented Oct 10, 2014

That would make a big difference.

Making them draggable while editing too (I haven't found the code to enable that).


@jandm did a presentation today at and showed us a convincing demo.
Look at his work

jandm commented Oct 30, 2015

Thank you very much, Michael, nice meeting you there !
I added resize and rotation handles + made geometries draggable. Demo is here
My first steps in Leaflet (i'm a Java guy), so all comments are welcome.

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