Drawing boundary & control enable/disable toggle? #150

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  1. Is it possible to create boundary for drawing layer? Like create draw only for area I specific.
  2. I have to use this control like a View Only Mode and Edit Mode,
    I use some kind "$(control._container).hide();" to toggle view of control
    but problem is that I have to cancel the process by outside code if still in drawing process. Is it and method to cancel current process? I think this should be a feature some kind enable/disable method that cancel all current process. Only rectangle and circle process is cancel after hide the control.

Thank you


jacobtoye commented Jun 24, 2013

  1. No sorry. Your best bet would be to fork the repo and add this functionality.
  2. There is no way or programatically doing this (yet). It is something I need to do. You could hack it in like:
for(var id in drawControl._toolbars) {

This should disable any currently active mode.

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