Make "add marker" button draggable #213

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Zverik commented Nov 8, 2013

Jochen Topf told me has kept trying to drag a marker button for adding a marker. While this is obviously wrong, why not make it an option? E.g. if options.markerButtonDraggable is set, one can either press a button (standard behaviour) or drag and drop it on a map. The moment the button is dragged, a marker is created, and will be added to the map when a mouse button is released.


This is a cool idea ;)


I have a situation where user "drag" the adding marker button by mistake to outside of the current browser window, please dont ask me why! But I was looking into adding a listener to ondragstart event and simply returing false; . This would work albeit very very crude.

Is there an option in leaflet.draw to do this, prevent the add marker button itself being dragged?

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