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Cannot draw shapes in IE 10 and 11 on Windows 8 #273

patrickarlt opened this Issue Feb 18, 2014 · 8 comments


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patrickarlt commented Feb 18, 2014

I am having trouble getting the demo working on IE 10 and 11.

I am using a MacBook Pro Retina and VMWare Fusion to run IE 10 and 11. I cannot draw circles or polygons. msMaxTouchPoints is being reported as 8.

Is this related to all the other touch issues on here? Should Leaflet.draw work on Windows 8? I realize there are a lot of new complications with pointer events and mixing touch and mouse input that it looks like leaflet draw isn't handling.


jacobtoye commented Mar 10, 2014

Leaflet.draw is working for me under IE11 on Windows 8.1. In the IE dev tools when you type L.Browser.touch in the console is it true or false?

I also cannot draw shapes in IE10, using either my mouse or touch.
L.Browser.touch is enabled for me.
I'm using Windows 8.0.

Is this related to #2 and #285 ?


jacobtoye commented May 14, 2014

Yes I suspect this is related to touch. If L.Browser.touch is true the Leaflet thinks you are using a touch browser. This may effect the way the mouse handlers are treated. Which would explain why the draw controls do not work.


patrickarlt commented May 15, 2014

We narrowed it down to L.Browser.touch as well. In Windows 8 if you have ANY touch device on your machine msMaxTouchPoints will be > 0 so L.Browser.touch touch will be true.

So this will only occur on touch enabled devices running Windows 8. Its also worth noting that VM Ware registers Mac trackpads and touchpads as touch devices while Parallels does not.

It looks like version 0.8 of Leaflet no longer uses msMaxTouchPoints to determine L.Browser.touch so this probably wont be an issue. Plus it looks like a lot of good work is happening on #285 for wider touch support.

@jacobtoye jacobtoye closed this Aug 1, 2014

Greigrm commented Dec 23, 2014

Just posting to note that I also get this issue with IE11 on Windows 8.1 on Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Lenovo W540 - the surface pro 2 has a touchscreen and Lenovo has a bug where windows reports it as having touch capabilities (possibly related to touchpad).

Is there a way to hardwire either draw or leaflet itself to disable touch? I'm happy to abandon touch functionality across leaflet to get this working.


jacobtoye commented Dec 27, 2014

I believe Leaflet used to have an option to disable touch support, but no longer

@MarkAPhillips MarkAPhillips referenced this issue in Wildhoney/Leaflet.FreeDraw Mar 31, 2015


Drawing a polygon in IE11 does not work. #38

For anyone else like me who is stuck on an older version of Leaflet, I fixed this by overwriting Leaflet's touch feature detection with Modernizr's:

L.Browser.touch = Modernizr.touchevents;

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