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I've seen that you now set a file to make localization. This PR add the French translation.
Feedbacks from French contributors are welcome (difficult to make the "best" choice between Imperative and Infinitive forms)

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I don't think I'll merge this pr. The localization support is quite minimal at the moment. I don't think having a folder for each new language is very optimal. What we could do is create a section in the readme that points to people's forks that add localization support.


Is it possible to add one folder locales with severals Leaflet.draw.LC.js files ?

For example, see:


For information, I see translations in:

@pyrog pyrog referenced this pull request in hotosm/osm-tasking-manager2 Jan 2, 2015

leaflet and leaflet.draw need translations #522


I created locales subfolder with 5 files. See pyrog/Leaflet.draw@e93594f

@ddproxy ddproxy added the enhancement label Mar 7, 2016
@ddproxy ddproxy added this to the 0.4.0 milestone Mar 7, 2016
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@ThomasG77 @pyrog I'd like to see how other Leaflet plugins do this and begin translating with that paradigm.

@kstefanini kstefanini commented on the diff Jun 1, 2016
+ marker: {
+ tooltip: {
+ start: 'Cliquez sur la carte pour placer un marqueur.'
+ }
+ },
+ polygon: {
+ tooltip: {
+ start: 'Cliquez pour commencer à dessiner une forme.',
+ cont: 'Cliquez pour continuer à dessiner une forme.',
+ end: 'Cliquez sur le dernier point pour fermer cette forme.'
+ }
+ },
+ polyline: {
+ error: '<strong>Erreur:</strong> Les arrêtes de la forme ne doivent pas se croiser!',
+ tooltip: {
+ start: 'Cliquez pour commencer à dessiner d\'une ligne.',
kstefanini Jun 1, 2016 edited

La formulation suivante me semble mieux convenir.
Cliquez pour commencer à dessiner une ligne.

La préposition d' ne semble pas appropriée ici.

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