Labels don't show on Leaflet 1.0b1 #121

trakais opened this Issue Jul 15, 2015 · 13 comments


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trakais commented Jul 15, 2015

@Leaflet says this plugin needs update to be supported in Leaflet 1


snkashis commented Jul 15, 2015

I have a preliminary b1 branch up @ master...snkashis:b1_compat . What problems are you seeing so far? I do see labels falling below polygons.


snkashis commented Jul 15, 2015

Took care of that with a z-index bump up to 500.


snkashis commented Jul 15, 2015

And yeah, I see how there is an issue with whenReady callback on


snkashis commented Jul 15, 2015

2.2-dev appears to be fine with b1... because of cead0a6


danzel commented Aug 26, 2015

From testing locally we needed to always redraw on viewreset.
I've pushed up a branch here:


yohanboniface commented Aug 30, 2015

@danzel I see you have started a branch for 1.0 compat, what about pulling out #122 on there too?


danzel commented Aug 30, 2015

Thanks, hadn't seen that one, will do and tidy up.

great library!

👍 any progress on a stable release or consolidated branch for leaflet 1 support?

a1an77 commented Nov 13, 2015

Same problem here with 1.0b2, how can I hotfix it until a release comes? Thanks


danzel commented Nov 16, 2015

use the leaflet-master branch, you'll need to build the js yourself.

Run npm install and then jake (iirc)

The bower.json on that branch seems not updated yet

I just tried the preliminary branch with Leaflet hotline, and when I pulled it L.hotline was undefined. Not sure whats up with that. I've removed Label from the demo for now.

smitchell referenced this issue in iosphere/Leaflet.hotline Dec 20, 2015


mouseover event #4

plmarko commented Jun 9, 2016 edited


The issue with whenReady callback on still exists if you get package using npm install leaflet-label. I've seen the fix in the cead0a6 but probably you forgot to bump up the version with this fix . Ver 0.2.2-dev on npm still has some old code.

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