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(all changes without author notice are by @danzel)




  • Fix singleMarkerMode when you aren't on the map (by @duncanparkes) #77
  • Fix clearLayers when you aren't on the map (by @duncanparkes) #79
  • IE10 Bug fix (Reported by @theLundquist) #86
  • Fixes for hasLayer after removing a layer (Reported by @cvisto) #44
  • Fix clearLayers not unsetting __parent of the markers, preventing them from being re-added. (Reported by @apuntovanini) #99
  • Fix map.removeLayer(markerClusterGroup) not working (Reported by @Driklyn) #108
  • Fix map.addLayers not updating cluster icons (Reported by @Driklyn) #114
  • Fix spiderfied clusters breaking if a marker is added to them (Reported by @Driklyn) #114

0.2 (2012-10-11)


  • Add addLayers/removeLayers bulk add and remove functions that perform better than the individual methods
  • Allow customising the polygon generated for showing the area a cluster covers (by @yohanboniface) #68
  • Add zoomToShowLayer method to zoom down to a marker then call a callback once it is visible
  • Add animateAddingMarkers to allow disabling animations caused when adding/removing markers
  • Add hasLayer
  • Pass the L.MarkerCluster to iconCreateFunction to give more flexibility deciding the icon
  • Make addLayers support geojson layers
  • Allow disabling clustering at a given zoom level
  • Allow styling markers that are added like they were clusters of size 1


  • Support when leaflet is configured to use canvas rather than SVG
  • Fix some potential crashes in zoom handlers
  • Tidy up when we are removed from the map

0.1 (2012-08-16)

Initial Release!

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