panTo() fails when _mapPane position set to non 0 #5198

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ptasior commented Dec 16, 2016

Hi all,

I'm still on leaflet 0.7 but the code seems to be unchanged in 1.*
Browser: QWebkitWidget (Qt 5.3)
Other plugins: Leaflet.D3SvgOverlay (which I guess changes the position of _mapPane)

When calling panTo(position) periodically with small distance changes the center of a map drifts from given coordinates.

In function _getCenterLayerPoint a call to this.containerPointToLayerPoint() substracts _getMapPanePos() from getSize()/2 while _getMapPanePos() apparently should be divided by 2 as well.

My solution:
_getCenterLayerPoint: function() {
Change return value to:
return L.point(this.getSize()._divideBy(2)).subtract(this._getMapPanePos()._divideBy(2));
Simply moving ._divideBy(2) outside containerPointToLayerPoint() reverts the direction of drift rather than fixing it...

Am I missing something or have I found a bug?



Can you publish a fiddle/codepen/playground that displays this behaviour?

ptasior commented Dec 16, 2016

I'll try to but Monday or Tuesday is the earlies possible time for me.

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