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The Furnace

The Furnace is an essential part of every Foundry.

This Foundry VTT module brought Quality of Life Improvements to the VTT.
It started by adding Drawing Tools functionality to FVTT and then an experimental Macro system. It has evolved into many small QoL Improvement features, some of which were later integrated into the core Foundry software.

Currently, this module does not have any functionality and serves besides pointing users to its successors.

Feature Description Succeeding Project
Advanced Drawing Tools Improved drawing tools with different pattern fill types, new HUD, and various options. -
Advanced Macros Use async script macros1, handlebars templating, recursive macro calls and call macros with arguments or directly from chat. Also adds syntax highlighting, fullscreen mode and a test run button to the macro editor.2 1: Integrated into Core
2: Advanced Macros
Combat Double click the initiative value in the combat tracker to quickly modify it. Initiative Double Click
Playlists Adds a 'Now Playing' section, and auto-hides sound controls until hovered. Helps in fine tuning of low level volumes Integrated into Core
Split Journal Select the split option from the context menu on a journal entry to split it into multiple entries. Split Journal
Tokens As GM, you can enable/disable token vision for yourself.1 You can also drop an actor folder into a scene to deploy multiple tokens at once.2 1: Less Fog
2: DFreds Droppables


This Foundry VTT module, writen by KaKaRoTo, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

This work is licensed under Foundry Virtual Tabletop EULA - Limited License Agreement for module development v 0.1.6.