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If the pdf path is only provided as a relative path, pdfjs will add the base from window.location.
This can lead to wrong URLs as the base url of the popout frame is used instead of the main vtt application.
This commit makes it to use the application base url.

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This module adds a PopOut! button to most actor sheets, journal entries, and applications.

The PopOut! button allows you to open a sheet/application/document into its own window, for easier viewing or for use with multiple monitors.

This module does not work in the Electron window (the standalone FVTT Application) and can only be used from regular browsers. (i.e. visiting localhost:30000 if you are running it yourself.)

This module is tested on Chrome and Firefox and under Linux and Windows 10.

This module is only tested against the base Foundry application using the DnD5e system. While most other systems and modules should work; Just because there is a PopOut! button on a window, does not guarantee that it will work.

Due to the necessarily brittle nature of how this module is implemented, other modules may lack functionality or break completely when popped out. See the Compatibility section for a description of how you can fix this if you are module developer.


Install using the URL :

As DM go to the Manage Modules options menu in your Game Settings tab then enable the PopOut! module.

Module Developers


IMPORTANT If your module ever accesses a HTML element, either by document.getElementById or $(...selector...) or similar functions that access a global document object. Your module will break if it is popped out, because those function calls will not find the correct element.

You must always call find on the DOM object attached to the Foundry object. For example sheet.element.find(...selector...).

They reason for this is that PopOut! works by creating a new window and migrating DOM nodes from the main window to the new window. This ensures that event handlers and other related behavior is preserved, and that any assumptions about a Foundry application existing as a single JS object also remain true. However it does mean that the page now has 2 logical documents, not 1 because there are 2 or more windows. So any assumptions about being able to access something from the root window/document/jquery object are no longer true.

Disabling PopOut!

If you are a module developer have found that PopOut! is not working correctly or it doesn't make sense for your application to be able to be popped out. You can add the property _disable_popout_module to your application, and this module will ignore it.

Sidebar (ChatLog...)

Due to the way the sidebar popouts are implemented by Foundry, if you are searching for elements in them. You will have to do the same action again, for the popped out sidebar element.

For example if you want to hide a chat card, you will have to do the following.`.message[data-message-id=${data._id}]`).hide()
if ( {`.message[data-message-id=${data._id}]`).hide()


Popout! exposes a single API function and a series of hooks so other modules can leverage it's functionality.

This API is new as of version 2.0, with the goal is to maintain API compatibility from this point on.

Note: There was a minor compatibility break which is why 2.0 was released, the PopOut hook now only takes 2 arguments instead of 3.

To pop out an application, call the function with the application object.

// Where app is the foundry Application object. For example an actor sheet.
// If the Application exists in the map, it should be able to be popped out.

PopOut also exposes hooks to developers to alter its behavior to add compatibility to their modules. For an example of what that might look like, see the PDFoundry compatibility hooks in ./popout.js

// app: is the foundry application being popped out.
// popout: is the browser window object where the popped out element will be moved.
Hooks.callAll("PopOut:popout", app, popout);

// app: is the foundry application being popped out.
// node: is the html element of the application after it has been moved to the new window.
Hooks.callAll("Popout:loaded", app, node);

// app: is the foundry application being popped in.
Hooks.callAll("PopOut:popin", app);

// app: is the foundry application being popped out.
// parent: The application that PopOut believes owns the diaglog box.
Hooks.callAll("PopOut:dialog", app, parent);

// app: is the foundry application being popped out.
// node: is the html element of the popped out application, before it is deleted or popped in.
Hooks.callAll("PopOut:close", app, node);


This Foundry VTT module, written by @KaKaRoTo. It is currently maintained by @Posnet.

This work is licensed under Foundry Virtual Tabletop EULA - LIMITED LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR MODULE DEVELOPMENT

The contents of this module are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License where they do not conflict with the above Foundry License.