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Hunter-Transform Framework

  1. incremental compile
  2. parallel compile
  3. extract and modify jar
  4. use cached jar

Timing Plugin

  1. Insert byteCode to get time costed by every method
  2. Extension to control blacklist
  3. Extension to control whitelist
  4. Algorithm to rank blocked method
  5. Algorithm to reduce blocked stacktrace

OkHttp Plugin

  1. Global EventListener
  2. Global Dns
  3. Global Intercepter

Debug Plugin

  1. Print Method Parameter, Method Costed-Time, Method Result
  2. Print costed time of every step in a certain method

Code LineNumber Plugin

  1. Add linenumber to logcat output

Cachable-Method Plugin

  1. Memory-Cache Method
  2. SharePreference-Cache Method

CGLIB in Android Platform

1、Dynamic proxy for any class

Finally, your ideas is welcome.