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I'm currently trying to automatically deploy my website using a post-commit hook.
Here is my script:


set -x
terminal-notifier -message “Triggered” -title “post-commit”
cd /Users/pierrestoffe/Documents/Design\ \&\ Dev/Perso/Portfolio/Summer\ 2013/code
terminal-notifier -message “Finished” -title “post-commit”

The whole hook works just fine when I commit from the terminal but the "dploy" command does nothing when I'm committing from a git client (Gitbox.app or Github.app). The 'Finished' notification show though...

Would you have an idea why?
Thanks in advance!


Hey @pierrestoffe, I think the post-commit is not working properly because DPLOY runs asynchronous, so your the script would never know when the action is completed.
I am gonna look again into this again, because I've used before. I will let you know.


Thanks, it would be amazing!

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