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Add option to create a history of deployment #40

lucasmotta opened this Issue Feb 19, 2014 · 4 comments

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The idea is to create a .dploy-history folder with details of every deploy that is made.
This way you can track who, when and which commit was deployed to the server (sorted by date).

I can see that happening in two different ways:

option 1: create a single .history file with all the details inside

  • For every deployment, we add a new line to this file with the details of this deployment.
  • 👍 it's easier to compare and read
  • 👎 the file can get too big/heavy when you have loads of deploys. So it would take longer to load/save on the server.

option 2: create a file for each deploy

  • For every deployment, we create a new file containing the details of this deployment
  • 👍 faster to create/upload to the server
  • 👍 we can add more details of the deployment inside the file
  • 👎 it will create loads of files on the server

Let me know which option you guys like or if there's any other.

@lucasmotta lucasmotta self-assigned this Feb 19, 2014
frazbot commented Feb 19, 2014



Structure for the Option 2

User: lucasmotta
Date: 19/02/2014 @ 11:20
Branch: live

List of commits:

  • 19/02/2014 @ 11:16 by lucasmotta: 12314123123 - Added intro video
  • 14/02/2014 @ 17:30 by frazbot: 29898983 - Fixed typo on the chinese page

New Files:

  • path/to/file.js

Modified Files:

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Deleted Files:

  • deleted-file.css


  • random-file.php: No permissions to delete this file

@CWSpear I thought about adding this functionality of deploying a specific commit, but then I rethought and I think it's better to leave that outside DPLOY. You can easily checkout to a specific commit using git and then deploy from there.

And the history will definitely be an optional parameter that you have to set to true if you want.

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