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Simplified event type:

 - Removed framing inconsistency
 - Made the whole data packet JSON, since the most common use case
   for events will be parameters in real-world usage.
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1 parent 4c1e425 commit 118fec522b0ceeb0646867fd050019762fee2672 @rauchg rauchg committed Jun 11, 2011
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@@ -269,10 +269,10 @@ A JSON encoded message.
### (`5`) Event
- '5:' [message id ('+')] ':' [message endpoint] ':' [event type] `\ufffd` [json]
+ '5:' [message id ('+')] ':' [message endpoint] ':' [json encoded event]
-An event is like a regular message, but has a `type` identifier, and a JSON
-encoded array of arguments.
+An event is like a json message, but has mandatory `name` and `args` fields.
+`name` is a string and `args` an array.
The event names

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