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FireStylus extension for Firebug

FireStylus is a Firebug extension that makes Firebug display the Stylus filename and line numbers of the Stylus-generated CSS styles rather than those of the generated CSS.



First, you need to install Firebug and the FireStylus extension

Then, you need to enable the Stylus's firebug option when generating your CSS.

Command line

$ stylus -f <path>
$ stylus --firebug <path>

Javascript API

var stylus = require('stylus');

  .set('firebug', true)
  .render(function(err, css){
    // logic

Connect / Express

var stylus = require('stylus');

var server = connect.createServer(
        src: __dirname
      , dest: __dirname + '/public'
      , firebug: true
  , connect.static(__dirname + '/public')


FireStylus should work with all versions of Firefox after and including 3.0, and all Firebug versions after and including 1.4

  • Firefox 3+ (also works with version 5)
  • Firebug 1.4+


FireStylus and FireSass are incompatible. You cannot enable them simultaneously.

FireStylus (like FireSass) only works in the html pane of firebug, the others, such as the css pane won't work due to firebug limitations.

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