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a = 0.5
color rgba(0,0,255,a)
b = 100
color rgb(200,100,b)
foo red(red)
foo red(green)
foo green(#0f0)
foo blue(#00f)
foo blue(hsl(15deg, 100%, 50%))
foo alpha(rgba(0,0,0,0.3))
foo alpha(hsla(#fff))
foo type(red)
foo type(hsl(#fff))
foo type(12)
foo type('test')
// 15deg
foo hsl(#ff6633)
foo hue(hsl(#FF6633))
// 100%
sat saturation(hsl(#FF6633))
// 60%
light lightness(hsl(#FF6633))
light lightness(hsla(rgba(255,66,33,1)))
color hsl(15deg,100%,60%)
color hsla(15deg,100%,60%,1)
color #FF6633
color rgb(rgba(255,100,0,0.5))
color rgb(#ff6633)
color hsl(#ffcc00)
color rgb(#fc0)
color rgba(hsl(15deg,100%,60%),0.5)
color rgb(hsl(15deg,100%,60%))
foo unquote("sans-serif")
foo unquote(sans-serif)
foo even(1)
foo even(2)
foo odd(1)
foo odd(2)
background url("/images/test.png")
background url(/images/some image.png)
foo min(5,10)
foo max(5,10)
foo ceil(5.5)
foo floor(5.5)
foo abs(5)
foo abs(-5)
foo round(1.46)
foo round(1.55)
foo unit(5)
foo unit(5px)
foo unit(5%)
foo lighten(#331f00, 20%)
foo darken(#fff, 40%)
foo #fff - hsl(0,0,40%)
foo hsl(0,0,70%) - hsl(0,0,30%)
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