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Fixed non-code capitalization of “CSS” and “Stylus”

A few minor tweaks to documentation strings along the way, too.
latest commit 9e174217a0
Tony Zearin authored
images Added support and examples for SVG data URI
mixins added gradient example
public Fixed dest option
arithmetic.js Renaming examples
arithmetic.styl updated docs
basic.js Renaming examples
basic.styl docs
builtins.js Renaming examples
builtins.styl removed {darken,lighten}-by() BIFs
comments.js Renaming examples
comments.styl Fixed non-code capitalization of “CSS” and “Stylus”
compress.js Renaming examples
conversions.js Renaming examples
conversions.styl expression state
functions.js Renaming examples
functions.styl better function examples
gradients.js added gradient example
gradients.styl added gradient example
images.js fixed url() which had issues due to earlier commits
images.styl Added support and examples for SVG data URI
implicit-functions.js Renamed property-functions example
implicit-functions.styl more implicit examples
import.js Renaming examples
import.styl misc
js-functions.js removed instanceof usage in utils
js-functions.styl Fixed image-size() example
literal.js Renaming examples
literal.styl Filename typo
middleware.js Added debug option to stylus middleware
nesting.js Renaming examples
nesting.styl More renaming
variables.js Renaming examples
variables.styl Fixed examples
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