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Commits on Jul 1, 2011
  1. @tj

    Release 0.3.0

    tj authored
  2. @tj
  3. @tj

    more ocd

    tj authored
  4. @tj


    tj authored
  5. @rauchg

    Merge pull request #48 from bnoguchi/multi-host

    rauchg authored
    Added documentation comment to Browser#hostBrowser.
  6. @bnoguchi
  7. @rauchg

    Merge pull request #47 from bnoguchi/multi-host

    rauchg authored
    Several changes, enabling testing of OAuth Consumer flows
  8. @bnoguchi
  9. @bnoguchi
  10. @bnoguchi
  11. @bnoguchi
  12. @bnoguchi
  13. @bnoguchi

    Got https requests working.

    bnoguchi authored
  14. @bnoguchi
  15. @bnoguchi
  16. @bnoguchi
  17. @bnoguchi
  18. @bnoguchi

    Added ability to request a full uri that exists at a different hostna…

    bnoguchi authored
    …me than the host associated with a Browser instance.
  19. @bnoguchi
  20. @bnoguchi

    Requesting full uri's (on now works (in addition to prior …

    bnoguchi authored
    …support for requesting just paths)
  21. @bnoguchi

    Added failing test showing that requesting full uri's does not work (…

    bnoguchi authored
    …when uri hostname is, localhost)
  22. @bnoguchi

    Removed headers.Host assignment because node's new http.request(...) …

    bnoguchi authored
    …using Agent automatically does this for us.
  23. @bnoguchi

    Replaced legacy http.createClient with node's newer http.request (tha…

    bnoguchi authored
    …t uses Agent instead of Client).
  24. @bnoguchi

    Allow forms with method="POST" in caps to be submitted by lowercasing…

    bnoguchi authored
    … it in order to match the #post method.
Commits on Jun 29, 2011
  1. @tj

    Merge pull request #45 from mhemesath/patch-1

    tj authored
    Fix for selecting multiple select options test.
  2. @mhemesath

    Fix for issue: #39. From what I can see, given the markup, the failur…

    mhemesath authored
    …e is what is supposed to happen. Multiple options can't be selected on a select box unless it is given the multiple attribute.
    This test should never have passed, unless something in JSDOM changed to only allow multiple selection if the "multiple" attribute is present?
Commits on Jun 28, 2011
  1. @tj

    Merge pull request #44 from bantic/fix_failing_0.2.2_tests

    tj authored
    The 'update' param is not part of the users array
  2. @bantic
  3. @tj

    Release 0.2.2

    tj authored
  4. @tj

    Merge branch 'integration'

    tj authored
  5. @tj

    Fixed form submission input value

    tj authored
  6. @tj

    cleaning up previous commit

    tj authored
  7. @tj

    Merge pull request #40 from mhemesath/master

    tj authored
    Added active submit button's value [mhemesath]
  8. @tj

    Merge pull request #41 from bantic/add_content_type_for_post

    tj authored
    Default to setting Content-Type when Browser#post options includes body. [bantic]
  9. @bantic

    Default to setting Content-Type when Browser#post options includes bo…

    bantic authored
    …dy. Default is 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
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