Can't get Google example to work #60

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  • Module dependencies.

var tobi = require('tobi')
, should = require('should')
, browser = tobi.createBrowser(80, '');

browser.get('/', function(res){
res.should.have.status(200);"input[name=btnG]", function(res, $){


results in

var elems = this.context.find(selector).filter(function(){
TypeError: Object function (selector, fn){
var prev = this.context;
this.context = this.context.find(selector);
this.context = prev;
return this;
} has no method 'find'
at Browser.locate (/home/main/projects/node_modules/tobi/lib/browser.js:421:28)
at (/home/main/projects/node_modules/tobi/lib/browser.js:454:27)
at /home/main/projects/tobitest.js:13:11
at IncomingMessage. (/home/main/projects/node_modules/tobi/lib/browser.js:281:9)
at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:81:20)
at HTTPParser.onMessageComplete (http.js:133:23)
at Socket.onend (http.js:1266:12)
at Socket._onReadable (net.js:659:26)
at IOWatcher.onReadable as callback

I tried installing all dependancies and still no luck.. Any suggestions? (node version: v.0.4.10)


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Almad Feb 8, 2012

Same here.

Almad commented Feb 8, 2012

Same here.


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richzw Jul 22, 2012


richzw commented Jul 22, 2012


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