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update docs for rename and note about libev headers

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@@ -6,10 +6,11 @@ To Install
First, get [ØMQ 2.1], [Homebrew] on Mac will get you what you need.
+Debian/Ubuntu users may also need to install the `libev-dev` package.
Then use [npm] to install zeromq.node:
- $ npm install zeromq
+ $ npm install zmq
`npm` will yell at you if you don't have node 0.3.0, as that is required.
@@ -23,11 +24,11 @@ described in the ØMQ documentation occur.
First, include the module:
- zeromq = require('zeromq');
+ zmq = require('zmq');
After that, you can create sockets with:
- socket = zeromq.createSocket('req');
+ socket = zmq.createSocket('req');
Using ØMQ sockets
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