The MemoryLifter software uses controlled repetition, timed spacing, and mnemonic elements (like images and audio) to greatly speed up the memorization process and virtually "lift" information into the long-term memory.
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About MemoryLifter:

The MemoryLifter software uses controlled repetition, timed spacing, and mnemonic elements (like images and audio) to greatly speed up the memorization process and virtually "lift" information into the long-term memory.


  • uses spaced repetition and timed spacing of questions to speed up memorization and ensure retention of information in the long-term memory
  • allows for the incorporation of images and audios to enhance the learning process
  • supports various learning modes such as text input, multiple choice, listening comprehension, and image recognition
  • allows users to switch the question and answer direction
  • offers a learn-timer to structure learning
  • provides learning statistics to help visualize learning progress
  • possesses powerful import/export and editing features that make it very easy to create new learning modules or edit existing learning modules
  • is localized in English, German, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • has over 80 custom-made, free Learning Modules that can be downloaded from:


The History of MemoryLifter:

MemoryLifter is a flashcard study software that employs the scientific method of using card boxes for memorization developed by Sebastian Leitner, a pioneer in the field of learning. The software was developed by Rainer Aberer, the founder of OMICRON electronics Corp, an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions. Initially, Rainer had developed a DOS version of MemoryLifter to help his sons study. Subsequently, he made the program available to the world community as freeware, when he first launched the website with MemoryLifter 1.0 as a Windows program in March of 2001.

After 16 years as the CEO of OMICRON, Rainer had led the company to business success and decided to hand over his responsibilities as CEO to an experienced management team. Understanding the importance of education and because of the tremendous positive response of the global community to MemoryLifter, he enthusiastically dedicated himself to the creation of new and promising business ideas - including the generation of learning content for MemoryLifter. The goal was to develop the software further and to keep it available to the world as freeware, while filling a market niche by creating custom content for MemoryLifter in many areas of knowledge. To pursue this business opportunity, LearnLift was created as a new business unit of OMICRON.

Sadly, Rainer and his wife Sharen Seversen died in a tragic plane crash in Texas in June of 2009. Rainer Aberer and Sharen Seversen were extraordinary people who were key in establishing the success and unique company culture of OMICRON. Rainer’s humanity, his idealism, and his clear and far-sighted vision continued to guide the LearnLift team in working on the MemoryLifter project. However, due to tremendous growth of the OMICRON core business, it was decided, in November of 2011, to focus all resources on the core business and discontinue the new business venture LearnLift.

In keeping with Rainer’s vision of providing open access to quality learning solutions to all people, the team decided to make MemoryLifter open source and make all learning content that was developed by LearnLift available to the community for free. MemoryLifter users can choose from over 80 comprehensive learning modules, many including audio and images, in a number of subject areas.

Thank you Rainer for your friendship, your generosity, and your humanity!