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A collection of documents outlining what it is that we intend to do.
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Some of the gang are working on a fancy website that's going to make managing members a lot simpler, so I won't be merging your PR's, in lieu of getting that site working instead.

However, just because your name isn't on the rolls, don't be afraid to come hang out with us in #lpmc on freenode, or in /r/lpmc on reddit!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Standards and Practices

A collection of documents outlining what it is that we intend to do.


LearnProgramming is an organization that grew out of the subreddit /r/learnprogramming. Our aim is to provide a set of 'hackable' projects for beginners to contribute to in a open, encouraging atmosphere.

In many cases, it seems, new programmers feel daunted by the task of contributing to open source—they don't know what to do, how to write code that meets standards, or how to really contribute in an effective way to open source projects. This organization intends to provide a playground, staffed by the best and brightest self-elected members of the /r/programming community, where the new open source contributor can cut their teeth; contributing to real projects used in the real world, without fear of reproach or denial due to their beginner status.

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