Known Nodes

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This page is intended to list all known Learning Registry nodes.

LR Sandbox Node

This node mirrors the configuration and code on the production network, and is intended for outside developer(s) to test their code against. This node is currently running the 0.23.7 release.

username: lrdev

password: lrdev

LR Alpha Node

This node mirrors the production networks configuration but is running the latest stable build. It is intended for use by any developer(s) that want to test against the next potential stable release.

username: lralpha

password: lralpha

LR Production Network

These nodes are for developer(s) to use for their production system. The data on these nodes is backed up daily. These nodes require SSL and a Basic HTTP auth username/password. They are currently running the 0.23.7 branch.

For a username/password contact Walt Grata at

LR Dev Network


These nodes are for use by the core development team. The code, data, and configuration are all in flux and should not be used by outside developers to test their code. They are currently running the 0.23.5 branch