Paradata Endorsement Examples

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Full example in the Learning Registry of using LR Paradata 1.0 to publish an endorsement of a group:

This example is based on a recipe from the Paradata Cookbook, which shows an assertion from a Learning Management System (LMS) endorsing a group. Assertions like this can be particularly helpful when creating trust relationships between systems, especially in the realm of standards alignments and other expert opinions. Information about the group, including id/url, is included in the object space.

Other terms that may be considered valid synonyms for similar actions: vouch, certify, affirm.

    "activity": {
        "actor": {
            "displayName": "Brokers of Expertise", 
            "id": "", 
            "objectType": "LMS"
        "object": {
            "id": "",
            "displayName":"Brokers of Expertise Standards Matchers",
        "verb": {
            "action": "endorse",
            "date": "2011-12-14",
            "content": "The Brokers of Expertise Standards Matchers group found at was endorsed by the administrators of the Brokers of Expertise Learning Management System."