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Learnosity i18n language bundles
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Learnosity internationalization language bundles. You can see these bundles in action in our internationalization demo.

Please refer to this knowledge base article for more info.


If you would like to translate our APIs into another language, please make a pull request by adding languages/<language>/<api>.json.

For example:

├── languages
│   ├── en-GB
│   │   ├── assess-api.json

Language Codes: We use language codes to support dialects within each top level language. English (United States) is the default language used in our APIs.

Supported Language List:

Language Code Assess API Author API Question Editor API Questions API
Arabic (Egyptian) ar-EG Y Y Y Y
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN Y N N Y
English (United Kingdom) en-GB Y N N Y
English (United States) - Default en-US Y N N Y
French fr Y N N Y
German de-DE Y N N Y
Italian it-IT Y N N Y
Russian ru-RU Y (Full, 210 labels) N N Y (MVP, 13 labels)
Spanish es-ES Y N N Y
Tagalog tl-PH Y N N N

For the Code column, the first lower-case two-letter codes is a valid ISO Language Code. These codes are defined by ISO-639. When picking your language code, please use the correct code from the 639-1 column here. The upper-case two-letter codes is a valid ISO Country Code. These codes are defined by ISO-3166. When picking your country code, please use the correct code from the Alpha-2 code column here.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


Add support for:

  • Portuguese
  • Korean
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