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  1. moonmath-manual moonmath-manual Public

    A resource for anyone interested in understanding and unlocking the potential of zk-SNARKs, from beginners to experts.

    TeX 354 61

  2. winden winden Public

    Winden is a free web application for secure, fast, and easy file transfers between devices in real-time

    TypeScript 39 3

  3. destiny destiny Public

    Destiny – Cross-platform Magic Wormhole graphical client

    Dart 148 8

  4. ethereum-analyses ethereum-analyses Public

    Python 157 27

  5. wormhole-william wormhole-william Public

    Forked from psanford/wormhole-william

    End-to-end encrypted file transfer. A magic wormhole CLI and API in Go (golang).

    Go 13 6


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