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Tahoe-LAFS-based file synchronization
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Magic Folder

This repository is provisional. It may move to a different organization.

Magic Folder for Tahoe-LAFS is a Free and Open file synchronization system. It detects local changes to files and uploads those changes to a Tahoe-LAFS grid. It monitors a Tahoe-LAFS grid and downloads changes to the local filesystem.

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via pip

Then, to install the most recent release, just run:

  • pip install magic-folder

from source

To install from source (either so you can hack on it, or just to run pre-release code), you should create a virtualenv and install into that:

  • git clone
  • cd magic-folder
  • virtualenv --python=python2.7 venv
  • venv/bin/pip install --upgrade setuptools
  • venv/bin/pip install --editable .
  • venv/bin/magic-folder --version


Magic-Folder is configured via the magic-folder command-line tool. This tool manipulates the magic_folders.yaml file in a Tahoe-LAFS' node's private area. See the configuration documentation for full details.

Once Magic-Folder is configured, functionality is provided by running a long-lived magic-folder side-car for the Tahoe-LAFS node. Start the side-car process using the magic-folder command line too:

magic-folder --node-directory /path/to/tahoe-lafs/node run

As long as this side-car is running, whatever magic folders are configured will be functional. The process must be restarted to read configuration changes.


To run the unit test suite:

  • tox

You can pass arguments to trial with an environment variable. For example, you can run the test suite on multiple cores to speed it up:



Copyright 2006-2018 The Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation Copyright 2020-2018 The Magic-Folder Developers

You may use this package under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or, at your option, any later version. You may use this package under the Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, version 1.0, or at your option, any later version. (You may choose to use this package under the terms of either licence, at your option.) See the file COPYING.GPL for the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. See the file COPYING.TGPPL for the terms of the Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, version 1.0.

See TGPPL.PDF for why the TGPPL exists, graphically illustrated on three slides.

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