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# This example retrieves the key from the AES in
from binascii import unhexlify
from ripped2 import main_func
from random import choice
import numpy as np
import lascar
from import sbox
class LedgerCtf2Container(lascar.AbstractContainer):
def generate_trace(self,idx):
plaintext = "".join(choice("0123456789abcdef") for _ in range(32))
addresses, leakage = main_func(plaintext)
return lascar.Trace( np.array([i & 0xFF for i in leakage]), np.frombuffer( unhexlify(plaintext), np.uint8))
container = LedgerCtf2Container(N)
cpa_engines = [lascar.CpaEngine(f'cpa{i}',lambda plaintext, key_byte, index=i: sbox[plaintext[index]^key_byte], range(256)) for i in range(16)]
s = lascar.Session(container,
# Check the results :
print("Key should be : f0 33 1c e0 26 6a da ce 86 a8 a1 3b fa 14 67 40")
K = list(
map(lambda x: int(x, 16), "f0 33 1c e0 26 6a da ce 86 a8 a1 3b fa 14 67 40".split())
for i, engine in enumerate(cpa_engines):
(K[i] == np.abs(engine.finalize()).max(1).argmax())
and "found !"
or "not found",
# Let's draw one result
from rainbow.utils import plot
plot( cpa_engines[3]._finalize(), highlight=K[3])
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