BOLOS app using visual cryptography for seed backup
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PhilippeBonnaz UX improvment
- Digit display in higher case on Nano S creen to match revelaer card layout
- Digit diplay in 4 by 4 groups seperated by a space character to match revealer card layout
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BOLOS app for Nano S using visual cryptography for seed backup

Nano S application to generate a seed backup encrypted for a Revealer Card. For information about Revealer, please visit revealer

/!\ Developpment in progress, use at your own risk

Setting up dev environnement

Please follow instructions

Making/loading the app

Plug your Nano S, unlock it, go to dashboard

$ cd /bolos-app-revealer 
$ make all load

Generating the encrypted seed backup

  • Open the app on your Nano S
  • Navigate to "Type your noise seed" menu
  • Type your noise seed (noise seed is the number provided with your revealer card), use left/right button to switch digits, and both buttons to validate digit. The app will let you know if the code is valid, by checking the included checksum. If it is valid, the app will generate the noise image, the process is quite long (~3min).
  • Navigate to "Type your seedphrase" menu, choose the number of words, type your words. The app will check the typed words against the masterseed from your ledger.

Once both noise seed and words are set, the device will display 'Encrypted backup ready' and you can launch python revealer script

$ python --apdu