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@gre gre released this Jun 4, 2019 · 119 commits to master since this release

Getting ready for ERC20! many features added, some breaking changes.


  • cross.js logic (aka LiveQR export/import) will properly import libcore ethereum
  • erc20 operation to properly expose the fees
  • libcore eth to support non eip55 addresses
  • fixes range logic


  • Many functions and type refinement was done to finalize ERC20 support.
    • Added TokenAccount#parentId field.
    • Added type fields in Account, TokenAccount, CryptoCurrency, TokenCurrency. That eases logic like c.type==="CryptoCurrency" ? c.color : "grey" & satisfies Flowtype.
    • flattenAccounts takes an array of accounts and will return a flat version of all accounts and their erc20. ( not idempotent /!\ )
    • groupAccount(s)OperationsByDay function accept token accounts.
    • isAccountEmpty accepts token account
    • clearAccount(account) logic added (from desktop code)
    • canBeMigrated(account) tells if a migration mecanism exist for this account
    • findAccountMigration will try to find an account scanned that correspond to the migration version of an existing one
    • groupAddAccounts contains the full UI logic of scanning accounts!
    • addAccounts contains the full logic of adding scanned accounts!
    • getCurrencyColor helper
    • getPortfolio supports ERC20 accounts
    • getAssetsDistribution supports ERC20 accounts and implement a cache system
  • some Bridge is moved in live-common (NB only mobile uses it)
    • the main bridge/index.js
    • LibcoreBitcoinAccountBridge.js
    • LibcoreCurrencyBridge.js
    • LibcoreEthereumAccountBridge.js
    • makeMockBridge will cover more cases.
  • Countervalues added an aliasing mecanism. This is to address countervalue of WETH that should reflect the ETH one.

breaking changes

  • groupAccountsOperationsByDay(accounts, { count }) signature changed.
  • same for groupAccountOperationsByDay.
  • removed getAccountOperationExplorer (just do getTransactionExplorer(getDefaultExplorerView(account.currency), operation.hash))
  • removed debugAppInfosForCurrency (no longer used, use getAppAndVersion instead)
  • makeMockBridge signature have changed.


  • bump BigNumber to 9.x
  • bump flowtype to 0.100.0
  • embedding the flow-typed folder
  • Remove Exmo and Thorswap
  • ledger-live tool supports Bluetooth: ledger-live ... --device ble or ledger-live ... --device ble:selector (where selector is either the uuid, or part of the ble advertisement name)
  • ledger-live dicoverDevices command
  • ledger-live proxy command
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