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@gre gre released this Jul 3, 2019 · 74 commits to master since this release

  • requires to use a lib-ledger-core binding version 3.x (new libcore major => new live-common major)
  • Removed sortAccounts, reorderAccountByCountervalues, reorderTokenAccountsByCountervalues (see equivalent in ordering.js)
  • Have moved to lib/api/Ledger: findCurrencyExplorer, hasCurrencyExplorer, getCurrencyExplorer
  • NotEnoughGas is thrown when sending ERC20 but not enough ETH.
  • Add sortByMarketcap, getMarketcapTickers, useMarketcapTickers, currenciesByMarketcap, useCurrenciesByMarketcap
  • CSV operations to return erc20 account operations
  • Replace createCountervalues by { implementCountervalues, getCountervalues }
  • Introduce setSupportedCurrencies, listSupportedCurrencies, isCurrencySupported
  • drop EXPERIMENTAL_NATIVE_SEGWIT : it's now stable if you use libcore @ 3.
  • Ability to hide empty token accounts by environment variable.

Breaking changes

Change signature of countervalues to prepare future

The point is to have countervalues living in live-common more and more so we can more easily migrate codes in live-common. Typically we can getCountervalues() from inside live-common logic.

Replace code like this:

import createCountervalues from "@ledgerhq/live-common/lib/countervalues";
const Countervalues = createCountervalues(a);


import { implementCountervalues, getCountervalues } from "@ledgerhq/live-common/lib/countervalues";
const Countervalues = getCountervalues();
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