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@Arnaud97234 Arnaud97234 released this Jul 9, 2019 · 39 commits to develop since this release

This release contains some major features, some of which only available in the experimental features in the settings.

🎊 Native SegWit is now available!

Native SegWit, also known as bech32, is a new address format for Bitcoin that is more efficient and thus reduces the requires network fees. Native SegWit addresses for Bitcoin start with bc1.

To start using native SegWit in Ledger Live, please create a new account and transfer your Bitcoin to it.

Not all exchanges or wallet providers support sending to bc1 addresses, therefore Ledger Live still allows you to create compatibility SegWit (3 addresses).

⚙ Rates in Settings

A new settings section has been introduced to show all countervalue rates used by Ledger Live to more easily understand and configure countervalue settings. Find this new section in Settings > Currencies.

Further, a lot of work has been done to improve countervalue stability.

🎊 Experimental Send Max

Sending the whole balance of an account is possible via enabling Experimental Send Max in Settings > Experimental features.

This is still experimental because ETH and XRP are not supported yet.

🎊 Experimental ERC20

For advanced users, we are releasing ERC20 as an experimental feature. Please be aware that improvements will be made to make it less technical.

To test it you must:

  • Enable Experimental nodes in Settings > Experimental features
  • Enable Experimental Core in Settings > Experimental features
  • Add your Ethereum accounts again to update them with ERC20 functionality.

(See known issues #2172)

Other features

  • Improve Ethereum Gas Limit, calculate it when the address changes, show when it's loading.
  • Account hierarchy so ERC20 tokens can be part of a parent account
  • Possibility to choose ETH as a countervalue
  • Accounts: Better sorting interface
  • Add ETH Ropsten network in Developer Mode.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes XST transactions
  • Fixes Bitcoin fee calculation in the fee-per-byte field
  • Fixes some price overflow cases
  • Polishes in Portfolio distribution section
  • The % delta calculation uses the first non-zero point of the range
  • Various other fixes in user experience
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