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@KhalilBellakrid KhalilBellakrid released this Apr 3, 2019 · 117 commits to develop since this release

This release adds functionality to export operation history as a CSV file, to cancel app installations, and to search for a crypto asset by its ticker. Further, it fixes a critical crash on macOS 10.10.x and restores multiple countervalue bugs that broke the portfolio graphs. Full list of changes below.

🎊 Features

  • Export all operations as a CSV file.
  • Allow canceling app installations.
  • Search for crypto assets by using their ticker.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Mac 10.10.x support is restored by resolving a critical crash.
  • Portfolio graphs should work normally again as two bugs are fixed. One when having too many different crypto assets, the other when choosing a bad rate provider.
  • Fixed a blank page on the error screen.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in modals.


  • The amount and countervalue are selectable in Operation details.
  • Exported logs have more useful debugging information.
  • Improved the interruption of the Genuine check when leaving Manager.
  • More explicit errors if the device gets disconnected while adding accounts.
  • Improved errors in the send flow, including a case where the user will be asked to verify if the crypto assets have not actually been sent, in case the signed transaction was broadcast.
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