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Sample Applications for Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue
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Sample applications for Ledger Blue / Ledger Nano S

This directory includes sample applications

  • Hello World : a simple application showing the UI and USB logic

  • Hello Perso : a simple application showing the UI and master seed derivation

  • Sample Signature : an application storing a secp256k1 private key, giving the public key to the user and signing messages after getting an on screen user confirmation

  • BIP 39 Performance Evaluation : an application demonstrating the flexibility of re-implementing your own cryptographic primitives when necessary (not updated to latest SDK)

  • Link stress test : a game running on the Secure Element, stressing the events link back and forth (not updated to latest SDK)

Before compiling those applications, verify that the following environment variables are set

  • BOLOS_SDK : must point to secure_sdk_dev that has been cloned from this repository
  • BOLOS_ENV : must point to the location where the toolchain has been built
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