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Make payment transaction from a Ripple account using the private key.

Install node

Install Node

Install GIT

Install GIT. For windows users, during installation, choose the option to install the git bash

Download and build the project

Open a terminal (Windows users, right click and select "open git bash here")

$ git clone
$ cd ripple-recovery-tool/ripple-lib
$ npm install
$ cd ..
$ npm install

Get your private key

Download the BIP39 tool and launch it from a secure offline computer. Type in your 24 words, select Ripple from the coin drop down list. Your private key is the first one in the table "Derived Addresses".

Launch the tool

Reconnect to the internet then open a terminal

$ cd ripple-recovery-tool
$ node CLI-recovery-tool.js

Check the transaction

Go to Ripple charts and type in your account to check the state of the transaction.