Example of python trading api code to quote on LedgerX
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Example of python trading api code to quote on LedgerX


python >= 3.6.4

Example code assumes you run a MongoDB server

mongo>use ledgerx
      db.createCollection("capped", { capped : true, size : 20000000} )

mongo>use connections-test
      db.keys.insert_one({'ledgerx-token': 'xxxxxxxxxx'})
      db.keys.insert_one({'mpid': your lx market participant id})
      db.keys.insert_one({'cid': your client id})
      db.keys.insert_one({'ledgerx-baseurl': 'test.ledgerx.com/api'})
      db.keys.insert_one({'ledgerx-market': 'ledgerx-test'}) # db name for logging


virtualvenv venv -p python3 && source venv/bin/activate

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

API Documentation



Trader Documentation


in ledgerx dir:

python3 -m run.run_ledgerx