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A simple script to switch tasks using super + 1 number keys, the same feature exists with other desktops like windows and unity, this adds it to budgie desktop.

Example shortcut mappings

Super + 1 : windows 1
Super + 2 : windows 2
Super + 3 : windows 3

I've looked at the source code for budgie-desktop, and to implement in valac, c is naturally hard me not knowing anything about c. And not being able to get a build of budgie-desktop running with my machine. So I've used nodejs


npm install -g budgie-launcher-super

System Dependcies

dconf, gtk-launch, xdotool, wmctrl I've also made a AUR package at


# key bindings setup in keyboard shortcuts
budgie-launcher-super 1 # Super + 1
budgie-launcher-super 2 # Super + 2
budgie-launcher-super 3 # Super + 3


Launch the task again despite window being open, handy to open an a new instance of window 1 i've linked to Shift + Super + 1

budgie-launcher-super --launch 1

command name

You can use an command name to switch to or launch that instance

budgie-launcher-super gnome-terminal
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