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Collection of recipes and snippets helping you create useful Rx code

Testing Rx

Before we get too excited with Rx, it is a good idea to know how to verify your code first.

Testing Rx

Rx in your Model

See how you can use Rx in your regular domain.

Property Change notifications
Collection Change notifications

Rx for Instrumentation

Use Rx to help instrument your code, or analyse instrumented data from other systems.


Rx in your repositories

There are common patterns that I see occurring in the repository "layer" in reactive applications.

Polling with Rx
Lazy Connect

Rx with IO

Here we look at different ways to use Rx with various forms in Input/Output.


Rx can help stream data to and from the disk. I have found that it can greatly reduce complexity while also delivering impressive performance benefits.

Rx Disk IO


Rx can provide a useful abstraction over numerous communications layers. Here we look at various implementations for different technologies.

TIBCO Rendevous

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