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Shudder Movie Randomizer Project
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Shudder Random Movie Generator

Spin the roulette wheel and pick a random movie from the Shudder Streaming service!

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


React JS, Yarn, Styled Components


A step by step series of examples that tell you how to get a development env running

  1. Fork repository to your account

  2. Download or clone repo and run on your local machine

git clone
  1. Run Yarn or nmp to install node modules
  1. View project in live server to see preview and any changes made
yarn start

End with an example of getting some data out of the system or using it for a little demo

TODO - finish this later after testing repo downloads and stuff...


Add additional notes about how to deploy this on a live system

Built With

  • React - JS Library
  • Yarn - Dependency Management


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.

TODO...figure this ish out...


  • Aleesha Wood - Production and Design - aleeshaw

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details TODO - get the liscensing together.


Thank you to Shudder for inspiring this project and for having such an awesome collection of media.

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