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This project is an implementation of the Esoteric Language Befunge for the Leeds Code Dojo meetup group.

Befunge is a stack-based programming language which uses instructions passed in on a 2D array.

Getting Started

Initially we will consider simple programs as just a list of instructions (i.e. a 1D line of instructions rather than a 2D array).
This will allow us to test our Befunge processor and provide quick feed back.

An online Befunge Parser is available at:

Simple Operations:

Symbol Meaning
0-9 Push this number on the stack
+ Addition: Pop a and b, then push a+b
- Subtraction: Pop a and b, then push b-a
* Multiplication: Pop a and b, then push a*b
/ Integer division: Pop a and b, then push b/a, rounded towards 0.
% Modulo: Pop a and b, then push the remainder of the integer division of a/b.
! Logical NOT: Pop a value. If the value is zero, push 1; otherwise, push zero.
` Greater than: Pop a and b, then push 1 if b>a, otherwise zero.
: Duplicate value on top of the stack
\ Swap two values on top of the stack
$ Pop value from the stack and discard it
. Pop value and output as an integer followed by a space
, Pop value and output as ASCII character (no following space)
@ End program
' ' No-op. Does nothing
" Start string mode: push each character's ASCII value all the way up to the next "

Create Befunge Parser

Time to create our own implementation of a Befunge parser which will take a single line program and calculate an answer.

Simple Befunge Problems

Hello World


74%281-.@ Should produce an answer of 42 -> (32)(8-1)

Advanced Befunging

This is all very well for working with simple, linear programs but 'real' programs need logic with loops & branches. For that we need to break out of the 1D world into the 2nd dimension.

Actually the program can be more correctly though of as a 3D torus since it wraps both horizontally & vertically.

TODO - Insert image of Torus

Change Direction / Loops

Symbol Meaning
^ Change Direction to UP
v Change Direction to DOWN
> Change Direction to RIGHT
< Change Direction to DOWN
# Skip next instruction, can act as a 'bridge'

Branching / If Conditions

Symbol Meaning
_ Pop a value; move right if value=0, left otherwise
| Pop a value; move down if value=0, up otherwise

Self-Modifying Code

Symbol Meaning
g Get a value from a specific cell & put it on the stack. Pop x & y and then get value of grid(x,y)
p Put the top value on the stack into a specific cell. Pop x, y & n and then set grid(x,y) = n

Advanced Problems

Count down loop

Create a loop which counts down from an initial value. (Bonus marks write "")

Math.power - Calculate x to the power y where x & y are the first 2 digits in the program

e.g 23 -> 8, 32 -> 9, 93 -> 729

Factorial Calculation

Use Befunge to calculate the factorial of a given number (1-9) supplied in 1st position 3! -> 6 (321) 4! -> 24 (4321) 5! -> 120 (5432*1)

Fibonnaci Sequence

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 ...

(Bonus point, try stopping after 10 numbers rather than getting into infinite loop)

Useful Links