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A WebGL version of the (reverse engineered) universe map for the upcoming game Star Citizen, inspired by the Star Map WIP video that was released of the in-game map feature earlier last year. It uses the awesome three.js library to do much of the heavy lifting.

You need a webbrowser with WebGL support to use this map (any recent Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 11+ will do, Opera should work but I haven't tested it), and your graphics card must be supported. It has been verified to work on the first Nexus 7 tablet (with Firefox for Android, Chrome didn't work at the time; other browsers have not been tested) but it will work in any functional WebGL environment. No guarantees on the performance, however.

The latest "official releases" are currently available at until the website with the database is ready for the public ...


Future enhancements?

Several features are still missing, such as:

  • More graphics improvements, not sure what yet though
  • Adding features like the perry line and nebulae to the scene
  • Better interactivity, e.g. when selecting a system highlighting the systems which they can trade goods with

At some point I'll at least implement:

  • More route-planner features: showing alternative routes, relative distances (which may get more accurate as we get more info) and the known dangers on these routes, trading information, etc.
  • Other points of interest besides star systems
  • Interactive map editing
  • ...

Other things I may do in the future (largely dependant on what information will be available through any API's Cloud Imperium Games might be creating for us):

  • News tracker for (selected) systems
  • Tracking where your friends are
  • Highlighting big events on the map
  • Revealing new jump points as they've been explored and published widely
  • ...

I will probably not implement anything like the planets view in the ARK star map, the amount of work involved with that would be tremendous. And leaving it out of my map leaves some use for the ARK map as well. ;)

The map itself is mostly complete, and it is still static data as the database used to generate the map data is also a work in progress. The XZ coordinates of the systems are pretty accurate but deliberately slightly randomised, and the vertical (Y) positions are still entirely random. They'll be fixed when I can do the interactive editing.

If you want to discuss anything related to this map, please go to my forum thread.

Building the map code and customising

Since you're looking at the project page, you may be interested in this. You'll need:

  • node.js: On Linux I highly recommend using nvm to manage your Node setup. You should not ever use root to install global node-cli commands, and with nvm you don't need to.
  • Install Gulp globally: npm install -g gulp
  • Install JSPM globally: npm install -g jspm
  • Install the map and dev environment dependencies: run both npm install and jspm install from the project directory.
  • Compile and bundle the code: run gulp build

Once built, the file index.html and the files in css/, images/, data/ and build/ should be all that you need.

index-dev.html can be used for development; this page loads all the files in src/ individually through JSPM, so this is not nearly as efficient as index.html.

At this time some customisation is certainly possible by modifying the templates, but the code needs lots more work to make it easy to plug parts of the code in to another website and render a custom map without rewriting much of it.




August 2014 - December 2015 by Daughter of Sol (Shiari).


A WebGL version of the universe map for the upcoming game Star Citizen







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