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With Java 11 and modules
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Only works with Java 11.

Build by running 'mvn clean install'

Run the server using 'mvn exec:exec'

The mojo plugin will create a modulepath file which contains the absolute paths of every jar. This will obviously not work on the google app engine server.

The maven-dependency plugin will copy all jars to the appengine-staging folder.

To run it directly from Java without maven:

We can run on Windows from the target folder with: java -p simple-service-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;appengine-staging/ -m myModule/com.example.Main localhost

On Linux from the target folder: java -p simple-service-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:appengine-staging/ -m myModule/com.example.Main localhost

To deploy on App Engine, use 'mvn appengine:deploy'.

On App Engine, all jars are copied to the same folder. That's running via: java -p ./ -m myModule/com.example.Main

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