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  • We have credible reports that in some rare cases Lc0 crashes!
    However, we were not able to reproduce it reliably. If you see the crash, please report to devs! What seems to increase crash probability:
    • Very short move time (milliseconds)
    • Proximity to a checkmate (happens 1-3 moves before the checkmate)

New features:

  • Endgame tablebases support! Both WDL and DTZ now.

  • Added MultiPv support.

Time management changes:

  • Introduced --immediate-time-use flag. Yes, yet another time management flag. Posible values are between 0.0 and 1.0. Setting it closer to 1.0 makes Leela use time saved from futile search aversion earlier.

  • Some time management parameters were changed:

    • Slowmover is 1.0 now (was 2.4)
    • Immediate-time-use is 0.6 now (didn't exist before, so was 0.0)
  • Fixed a bug, because of which futile search aversion tolerance was incorrectly applied, which resulted in instamoves.

  • Now search stops immediately when it runs out of budgeted time.
    Should help against timeouts, especially on slow backends (e.g. BLAS).

  • Move overhead now is a fixed time, doesn't depend on number of remaining moves.


  • Out of order eval is on by default. That brings slight nps improvement.

  • Default FPU reduction is 1.2 now (was 0.9)

  • Cudnn backend now has max_batch parameter.
    (can be set for example like this --backend-opts=max_batch=100).
    This is needed for lower end GPUs that didn't have enough VRAM for a buffer of size 1024. Make sure that this setting is not lower than --minibatch-size.

  • Small memory usage optimizations.

  • Engine name in UCI response is shorter now. Fritz chess UI should be able
    to work with Leela now

  • Added flag --temp-visit-offset, will allow to offset temperature during training.

  • Command line and UCI parameter values are now checked for validity.

  • You can now build for older processors that don't support the popcnt instruction by passing -Dpopcnt=false to meson when building.

  • 32-bit build is possible now. CPU only and we were only able to build it in Linux for now, including Raspberry Pi.

  • Threading issue which caused crash in heavily multithreaded environment with slow backends was fixed.