Automatic code generation with minion tasks
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I apologyze for my English. I've been using minion, and it's excellent. I thought once that Kohana is not enough mechanisms of automatic generation of simple structures, and has written several tasks.

I use them to automatically generate:

  • Controllers,
  • Form views,
  • Models
  • Messages


It's no secret that within the same site many forms run on similar principles, which means they can be easily and automatically generate. Ok, look this:

minion autogen:form

I think is not needed further explanations. File will be created in APPPATH/views/somefile.php.


With the controller is also simple:

minion autogen:controller

Or, if you need to create multiple controllers:

minion autogen:controller


Now to the fun - models. Suppose we have a table of categories, it has a lot of fields, and we need to create a model. Of course, we can do it manually ... and can be done automatically and avoid routine.

minion autogen:model --name=category

At the same time, table fields will be analyzed types automatically and taken into account in the filters and rules.



minion autogen:message

Creates (or updates, if they already exist) message files.